Serenity & being a Whedonist.

I was looking forward to watch Serenity – the trailers were nice, though not nearly as mouth-watering as the trailers for Spiderman or Lord of the Rings. A nice surprise was seeing Nathan Fillion whom I knew as the most-evil-ever-priest from the last episodes of Buffy’s final season. His and the other actors’ starring was decent enough. I actually liked the cast quite a bit – the crew of the Serenity had a certain everday people charme to it, which I enjoyed. In addition, the movie shows the same dirt and character that made the original Star Wars trilogy so wonderful. Dialogues were, of course, the script being written by Joss Whedon, good and quick-witted. However, the story lacked grandeur to me – with the exception of one moment of sudden shock and loss the movie is a bit too smooth. Nonetheless, it is as good as one of the better episodes of Buffy. Which is good enough for me. If you’re into Buffy (or into adventure/action movies), go see it. If you’re not into Buffy, why should I care what you think about this movie, eh? ;)
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2 Responses to “Serenity & being a Whedonist.”

  1. stralau says:

    Uhm. So yor should ignore me from now on. I even don’t know wtf this Buffy is.>

  2. ozean says:

    oops, forgot the irony emoticon! too my regret even people whose taste in movies I greatly respect do not know Buffy. If they would, they would, of course, all love this marvellous TV series.>

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