Much better spelling support in Snow Leopard.

screen shot of the new spelling options in the text part of System PreferencesWhen I wrote an e-mail in Norwegian today, I again had to realize how bad I am with my spelling. Since I just installed Apple’s new operating system Snow Leopard I went to check if it happens to support Norwegian spelling correction. It did not. But when I checked out the new spelling options in the Text tab of System Prefences’ Language & Text panel, I saw the picture that you can see here too. This means that OS X 10.6 supports spelling dictionaries such as those used by OpenOffice. Yay! That means that we now have a ton of other spelling options without having to resort to services like CocoASpell, which never really worked too well for me.
So now getting support for other languages is as easy as visiting an OpenOffice dictionary server to download the dictionary you need, unzipping the dictionary and dropping the .dic and the .aff file into the Spelling folder inside the Library folder. (Either in your home directory, or, if you want to install the dictionary for all users of your machine, into the root level Library’s Spelling folder.) The great thing is that we now have full spelling support for many, many languages in all applications that support Apple’s spelling services, e.g. in TextEdit, Pages, Nisus, Mellel,… What a wonderful day!

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3 Responses to “Much better spelling support in Snow Leopard.”

  1. stralau says:

    Finally! Alte Rechtschreibung!>

  2. ozean says:

    Stimmt, gar nicht drauf geachtet! Die alte Rechtschreibung gibt’s im Paket zusammen mit der neuen. Dazu muss die Datei vom oben verlinkten Server heruntergeladen werden.>

  3. ozean says:

    apple visits us (using a pre-release build of 10.6.1)
    screen shot of the Apple employee visit
    Neat! When I checked my vistor log today, I stumbled upon two visits from the domain. Both were googling for spelling snow leopard. That alone would be fun enough, but one of the two seemed to be using an in-house pre-release build of the next version of Snow Leopard (which has already been talked about in the rumor mill) – nice to see that it will include an updated webkit engine! (Even if I browse with Camino, not Apple’s Safari.)

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