Thomas Risse

Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse
MAXCAP Partner / Professor - International Relations / Director - Center for Transnational Relations, Foreign and Security Policy
Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) (coordinating institution)
Otto-Suhr-Institute for Political Science
Ihnestr. 22
14195 Berlin
+49 30 83855-527
+49 30 83854-160
Short CV:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse is director of the Center for Transnational Relations, Foreign and Se-curity Policy at the Otto Suhr Institute of Political Science at the Freie Universität Berlin.

He received his PhD. from the University of Frankfurt in 1987. His previous teaching and research appointments include the Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, European University Institute, the University of Konstanz, Germany, as well as Cornell and Yale Universities, and the University of Wyoming. He has also held visiting professorships at Stanford and Harvard Universities. Thomas Risse is co-ordinator of the Research Center 700 "Governance in Areas of Limited Statehood" and the founding director of the Berlin Graduate School for Transnational Studies.

Relevant publications:

(2014) (ed.) European Public Spheres. Bringing Politics Back In, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.

(2012) ‘When Europeanization Meets Diffusion. Exploring New Territory’, Special Issue of West European Politics 35 (1). Co-edited with Tanja A. Börzel.

(2012) ‘Die "Gemeinschaft von Europäern" im Härtetest: (K)eine Republik’, Politische Vierteljahresschrift 53 (1): 140-142.

(2010) A Community of Europeans? Transnational Identities and Public Spheres, Ithaca NY: Cornell University Press.

(2010) ‘Deliberation in Negotiations’, Journal of European Public Policy 17 (5): 708-726. Co-authored with Mareike Kleine.

(2009): ‘Venus Approaching Mars? The European Union's Approaches to Democracy Promotion in Comparative Perspective’, in Magen, Risse, and McFaul (eds.), Promoting Democracy and the Rule of Law. American and European Strategies, Basingstoke UK: Palgrave – Macmillan, pp. 34-60. Co-authored with Tanja A. Börzel.

(2009) ‘The Transformative Power of Europe. The European Union and the Diffusion of Ideas’, KFG Working Paper No. 1, Research College “The Transformative Power of Europe”, Berlin: Freie Universität Berlin. Co-authored with Tanja A. Börzel.