Malinka Ristevska Jordanova

Dr. Malinka Ristevska Jordanova
Director - European Policy Institute
MAXCAP Advisory Board
European Policy Institute
Debarca 6
1000 Skopje
+389 2 6145-130
+389 2 6145-120
Short CV:

Malinka Ristevska Jordanova is director of the European Policy Institute in Skopje, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. She served as state counselor for legal issues of European integration at the Government of the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and as chairperson of the Stabilization and Association Committee with the EU. Prior to this, Jordanova was coordinator of the national programme for the adoption of the acquis as well as advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister on EU issues, being responsible for the coordination of activities fulfilling EU benchmarks at the start of negotiations.

Relevant publications:

(2011) ‘The Lisbon Treaty and its Potential Normative Impact on the Stabilization and Association Process’, in S. Pendarovsko, C. Behar Molad, I. Dodovski (eds), Europe after the Lisbon Treaty - Conference Proceedings, University American College Skopje, pp. 95-114.

(2010) ‘Harmonization with EU Law and Implementation of the Stabilization and Association Agreement – the case of the Republic of Macedonia’, in D. Dimitrijević and M. Miljuš (eds), Harmonization of the legislation of the Republic of Serbia with EU Law, Institute for International Politics and Economics, Belgrade.

(2009) ‘Regional Cooperation in the Balkans 1996 - 2008, in Ownership for Regional Cooperation in the Western Balkans’, Dialogues, Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

(2006) ‘Conditionality in Negotiating a Stabilisation and Association Agreement’, Dialogues, Friedrich Ebert Foundation.