Dimiter Toshkov

Dr. Dimiter Toshkov
MAXCAP Partner / Assistant Professor
Leiden University (UL) (co-coordinating institution)
Campus Den Haag, Schouwburgstraat 2
postal address: P.O. Box 13228
2501 EE Den Haag
+31 71 5276-771
E-mail: d.d.toshkov@cdh.leidenuniv.nl
Short CV:

Dimiter D. Toshkov is assistant professor at the Institute of Public Administration at Leiden University. He studied public administration at Sofia University ‘St. Climent Ohridski’ and Leiden University. He completed his PhD at Leiden University in March 2009 with a dissertation on the implementation of EU law in the post-communist countries from Central and Eastern Europe.  Currently, his major research project, supported by the Dutch Science Foundation, investigates the strategic interactions between the Commission, the ECJ and the member states in the context of enforcement of EU legislation. His other ongoing research focuses on the diffusion of tobacco policy in Europe, asylum policy, and decision making in the EU.

Relevant publications:

(2015) 'Does Immigration Undermine Public Support for Integration in the European Union?', Journal of Common Market Studies, article first published online 13 January 2015 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/jcms.12230/abstract. Co-authored with E. Kortenska.

(2014) 'The Dynamic Relationship between Asylum Application and Recognition Rates in Europe (1987-2010)', European Union Politics 15 (2): 192-214.

(2013) 'The Europeanization of Asylum Policy: An assessment of the EU impact on asylum applications and recognitions rates', Journal of European Public Policy, 20 (6): 661-683. Co-authored with L. de Haan.

(2011) 'Public Opinion and Policy Output in the European Union: A Lost Relationship', European Union Politics, 12 (2): 169-191.

(2009) 'Comparing Transposition in the 27 Member States of the EU: The Impact of Discretion and Legal Fit', Journal of European Public Policy, 16 (7): 951-70. Co-authored with B. Steunenberg.

(2009) 'Post-accession Compliance between Administrative Co-ordination and Political Bargaining'. European Integration Online Papers, Special Issue 2, Vol.13, Art. 19. Co-authored with A. Dimitrova.

(2008) 'Embracing European Law: Compliance with EU Directives in Central and Eastern Europe', European Union Politics, 9 (3): 379-42.