Bernard Steunenberg

Prof. Dr. Bernard Steunenberg
MAXCAP Partner / Jean Monnet Ad Personam Chair - European Politics / Professor - Public Administration
Leiden University (UL) (co-coordinating institution)
Campus Den Haag, Schouwburgstraat 2
postal address: P.O. Box 13228
2501 EE The Hague
+31 71 5273-819
+31 70 8-009 (secretariat)
Short CV:

Bernard Steunenberg is Professor in Public Administration at Leiden University, Jean Monnet Ad Personam Chair in European Politics at Leiden University (2009) and the Academic Coordinator of the Jean Monnet Center of Excellence of Leiden University (2010). Since 2012 he also is Vice-Dean of Leiden University Campus The Hague.

His main research interest is the analysis of European politics and policymaking including enlargement and the relationship between the Union and its Member States on the transposition and implementation of European policy.  His broader research interests include game theory, public choice and analytical politics. His articles have been published in various leading journals. He has been a visiting scholar at various universities, including a Fernand Braudel Senior Fellow at the European University Institute, Florence.

Relevant publications:

(2012) ‘Living in parallel universes? Implementing European moveable cultural heritage policy in Bulgaria’, JCMS - Journal of Common Market Studies 51: 246-263. Co-authored with A. L. Dimitrova.

(2011) ‘Between Reason and Emotion: Popular discourses on Turkey’s membership of the EU’, South European Society and Politics 16: 449-68. Co-edited with S. Petek and C. Rüth.

(2010) ‘Is big brother watching? Commission oversight of the national implementation of EU directives’, European Union Politics 11(3): 359-80.

(2007) ‘Compliance in the EU enlargement process: The limits of conditionality’, European Integration on Line Papers 11(5), available at Co-edited with A. L. Dimitrova.

(2007) Constitutional change in the wake of enlargement, in H.W. Hoen and T.J. Selck (eds.), Europa: Charming Zeus… and numerous others! International Political Economy of EU Accession, Leuven/Paris/Dudley, MA: Peeters, pp. 161-78. Co-authored with A. L. Dimitrova

(2004) The ‘end of history’ of enlargement or the beginning of a new research agenda?, in A. L. Dimitrova, Driven to change: The European Union’s enlargement viewed from the East, Manchester: Manchester University Press, pp. 179-93. Co-authored with A. L. Dimitrova

(2002) Widening the European Union: The politics of institutional change and reform, London: Routlegde.

(2001) ‘Enlargement and institutional reform in the European Union: Separate or connected issues?’, Constitutional Political Economy 12: 349-368.

(2000) ‘The search for convergence of national policies in the European Union: An impossible quest?’, European Union Politics 1: 201-226. Co-edited with A. L. Dimitrova.