Arzu Kibris

Dr. Arzu Kibris
MAXCAP Partner / Assistant Professor - Sabanci University
Sabanci University (SU)
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Orhanli
34956 Istanbul
+90 216 4839-255
+90 216 4839-250
Short CV:

Dr. Arzu Kibris is a an assistant professor at Sabanci University. She received her PhD in Political Science from Sabanci University in 2010. She holds an MA in economics from the University of Rochester and a BS in management from Bilkent University. Her research focuses on political conflict, linkage politics, and quantitative methods.

Relevant publications:

(2013) 'On the Investment Implications of Bankruptcy Rules', Games and Economic Behavior (forthcoming). Co-edited with O. Kibris.

(2012) 'Uncertainty and Ratification Failure', Public Choice 3: 439-367.

(2011) 'The Accession Games: A Comparison of Three Limited-Information Negotiation Designs', International Studies Perspectives 12(4): 399-427. Co-edited with with M. Müftüler Baç.

(2011) 'Funerals and Elections: The Effects of Terrorism on Voting Behavior in Turkey', Journal of Conflict Resolution 55(2): 220-247