An idea for a common project for the Kolleg.

Thursday night, when I drove home alone from the Kraftwerk to Griesheim I was fighting with the squatty WG-Mountainbike, stomping into the pedals. At the same time I was fiercely engaged in thinking about how we could find a good common subject or theme for the seminar which will be kindly offered by Andreas Hetzel beginning in the Winter semester 2003/2004. We had serious difficulties in finding a subject that would enable everyone in the Kolleg to really contribute something without straying too far from the path the individual dissertations are taking. After producing a decent amount of sweat and wrinkled brows an idea was generated: We could pick up these difficulties and make them our subject. We could combine the efforts we put in this seminar, into the Kolleg, and into our dissertations by writing and working on the subject of Technology and Interdisciplinarity. We could reflect our own theoretical and methodological (and perhaps even our personal/social) position. It might even be possible for a few to try to map the positions we take in a Bourdieuan sense, distributed on a field of knowledge and power. Yeah!>


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