Do not watch it.

This tuesday I have been watching The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen together with Chr and Andi. I don’t know if it is cheesy or tacky – it’s been one of the worst movies that I have been seen in months. Dialogues are not bad enough to be funny, the characters are too plain, and even the special effects are cheap. Probably the only thing that was interesting about the movie was that it was the first movie in which I perceived direct borrowings from The Lord of the Rings both in attempting to produce a culture specific design (here for Captain Nemo’s Nautilus, his equipment and the clothes of the crew) and in the way some of the shots were done. Bad thing is: nothing done in this movie does even come close to LotR… The only thing I liked were the characters of Dorian Gray and Mina – and that is probably because of my Buffy-phily (for Mina the vampire they copied another special effect, that of Konrad from X-Men 2).

Apologies for not including any links into this post – I am currently sitting in the train and don’t have the network resources to search for appropriate links and reviews.

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