Marc says: the music is good.

There won’t be much debate about the soundtrack of Kill Bill. Even though it is unlikely that it will have as big an impact on party dance music as Pulp Fiction had, the soundtrack is very nice too (and in style similar to Pulp Fiction). Then, there is Uma Thurman, who is a good actor and, of course, extremely good-looking. The rest is more controversial: the amount of spilling of blood and cutting off of limbs in this movie is huge, and I am not sure that this actually pleases me. Some of the fighting scenes are somewhat close to Hero in the way they use color – but in my opinion Hero‘s aesthetics beat those of Tarantino’s movies by several leagues. What remains is a typical Tarantino product with some extra blood and a stylish Lucy Liu. Ah, almost forgot: you will find yourself reminded of Hable con ella in the beginning of the movie. Never knew that Tarantino is an Almodovar fan…

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  1. olli says:

    On grammar and arts and craft
    I’m sure its just a question of late nite grammar mismatch: of course the aestetics of “Hero” ARE BEATEN by Tarantino by several leagues. “Kill Bill” is highest art while “Hero” seems to me just beautiful ‘arts and craft’.>

  2. ozean says:

    just two days ago, a belgian philosopher expressed the same opinion. it will be hard for any movie to surpass the beauty and style that is to be experienced during the fight between two heroines in a swirl of golden leaves. or the style of writing the symbol for sword below a cataclysmic downpour of black arrows that are fended off by two competing masters of mystic martial arts.


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