Laughing ladies.

This wednesday Calendar Girls was the evening’s entertainment. The movie was presented in one of the larger show rooms in Darmstadt’s Helia movie theater (no. 2). The room was not exactly crowded, but there was a decent number of people present. As we figured out quite soon, the largest part of these people were women of the age 35+. Tending to be a bit more of the ripe side of life so to speak. They obviously really liked to movie – several times they burst out into what might be called an impressively decibel rich kind of laughter. Lars and I (and no, I am not schizophrenic) also liked the movie. However, there were a few formal and content-related weaknesses. The speech of the two main protagonists in front of the WI‘s main assembly was not at all convincing and a few other scenes were not plausible and/or aesthetically rich enough to make this movie a completely smooth experience. It does not come very close to movies such as Brassed Off (IMDb) or Billy Elliot (IMDb).
Take a look at the trailer, if you want to get an impression yourself.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hör mal, nur weil du jetzt so junge hoffnungsfrohe Studentinnen unterrichtest, musst du ja nicht gleich 35+ als etwas reifere Damen beschreiben. Hier ist Vorischt angebracht, wehrter Autor!>

  2. ozean says:

    Immer schön vorsichtig!>

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