Busy times.

For the next weeks my schedule will be pretty straightforward: finish the article that I am currently writing (a rewrite of the conversation analytic paper on doctor-patient interaction that I wrote while I was in Bloomington), preparing a session for the college’s class on the disciplinary boundaries of sociology and where in and out of sociology I and other sociologists in the college locate ourselves, and preparing my project presentation for the college (in which I will probably throw out some hopefully provocative theses on the significance of materiality and the overemphasis on language and discourse in the social sciences and humanities). I also have to finally prepare the report that I want to send to the Deutsche Bahn to apply for a new license to make video recordings in several train stations. And I have to grade a bunch of papers of last semester proseminar. Well, well. After doing all these things I will go out into the field again and make some new recordings, for which I have several promising settings in mind. Yay!

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