Actually entertaining, therefore much better.

I never thought I would go and watch another Harry Potter sequel in a movie theater, thinking that I might as well throw the money from my balcony and be a happier Lars than I would have been after watching The Prisoner Of Azkaban. Then I heard that the director of this movie is the director of the fabulous Y Tu Mama Tambien and suddenly became interested. I liked this movie a lot more than the other two; it was magical and the setting both gloomier and more fairy-tale-like. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t recommend this movie to people who don’t like fantasy settings or the Harry Potter series. For such an audience, the movie is not good enough. I was very relieved that it wasn’t as bland and superficially funny as the first two movies. Do I have to mention that I would have totally adored Emma Watson (a.k.a. Hermione) in my teens?
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