News from typing-land.

Yesterday, I completed the second of the three analytic chapters which make up the bulk of my dissertation. That is excellent news for me, especially since it means that work is proceeding according to plan. Which – surprise, surprise – is not the plan that I developed more than one and a half months ago. The good news is that the new plan (from two weeks ago) put me beyond mere page mongering and switched my writing mode to content mongering. That means that my daily dose of writing now consists of sections defined by their content.
One section per day. Twenty sections to go. One section has between one and ten pages. (I crossed the 150 page threshold yesterday.)
I have to hand in my dissertation September 22nd. The calculation is up to you. However, do not forget that I still have to give presentations in Lausanne and London this month. ;) Yes, time’s tight. But not too tight, I think. Please bear with me for the remaining five weeks…


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