Oh, when will it arrive?

The city of Neverwinter is in great peril. And only Timo and I can save it. There is a big obstacle blocking our way to the rescue, though. It is called lame progress in porting NWN to the Mac. Bioware, the producer of this and related Games taking place in the Forgotten Realms of AD&D, seems to be almost ready with the game, things are obviously delayed by the publishing house, MacSoft. Get your act together, so that Timo and I can save those poor people from dying! Slaughter some monsters!

Up until the great day when I will find the game box in my mail, I have to bridge time and space by relying on the computer hardware accessible here in Darmstadt, using a … windows … machine. That’s how hard it is.

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2 Responses to “Oh, when will it arrive?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sachma ha’ick ‘n descha wä oder hattste dit nich schon ma jeschrieben. Dit kenn ick doch. Bin ick jetzt scheel oder du?>

  2. ozean says:

    moi scheel
    haste schon recht: aber ich hatte in dem eintrag was dermassen falsch kodiert (hab nämlich das wort windows in grün schreiben wollen und das als style=”font-color:green” definieren wollen, dabei geht das gar nicht! muss man sich mal vorstellen!>

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