Tom is here.

Very good. This morning I picked up Tom Gieryn at Darmstadt central station, showed him his hotel, and introduced him to the Important Places on TU Campus. Which means to the mensa, where we had breakfast and lunch, and to the 603qm where we consumed hot beverages – all the time in the company of colleagues of mine. All of them so far have been supplied with names of authors and books to read. Most excellent. My personal favorite so far is John Stilgoe. I am really looking forward to his talk on Truth Spots tomorrow evening. There will be quite a few visitors from abroad, I think (mostly Mannheim and Bielefeld).

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  1. ozean says:

    That was an enjoyable and inspiring visit. I learned a lot not only about truth spots, but also tracked down some very nice Jugendstil villas with Tom, visited the Rosenh̦he during wonderful weather, and watched Chinatown as well as Gegen die Wand Рfrom what I have been told, the other fellows of the college also enjoyed his visit: good talk and excellent company!>

  2. ozean says:

    a compliment
    The nicest compliment Tom gave was probably him comparing the Graduiertenkolleg to Princeton’s Institute of Advanced Study =)>

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