The space of a dissertation.

thumbnail image of my wordprocessor's windowSince I am writing about the production of space right now, and since I neglect abstract or representational space in my dissertation a bit, I want to offer at least to you, dear readers, a small insight into the space in which I myself produce knowledge and abstractions. On the image here you can see what my workspace looks like. (You can click on it to open or download it at full size.) Actually, I still enjoy this environment and I am very thankful to the Redlers for producing such an excellent piece of software. Not a single crash, and that with more than 140 images.

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3 Responses to “The space of a dissertation.”

  1. stralau says:

    Nice font you are using!

  2. ozean says:

    Thanks! It took me quite a few tries until I found a pleasant but also expressive enough combination. The headers are set in Futura, the body text in Warnock. Both fonts are in Open Type format which Mellel handles gracefully – I told it to use most of common ligatures for the Warnock font. I felt tempted to include some more expressive swashes here and there, but so far restrained myself to a more discrete style. In any case, refining the visual presentation is always a nice distraction from doing the actual writing… ;)

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