PD Dr. Dirk Andrae
Physikalische und Theoretische Chemie, Institut für Chemie und Biochemie,
Freie Universität Berlin, Takustraße 3, D-14195 Berlin, Germany
Office 15.05-09
Tel. (++49) ((0)30) 838-50958
Fax. (++49) ((0)30) 838-452051
E-Mail dirk DOT andrae AT fu-berlin DOT de
http://www.uni-bielefeld.de/chemie/tc/Andrae (old web site)

Vorlesungen / Lectures
Brückenkurs Mathematik
Mathematik I für Studierende der Chemie, der Biochemie und des Lehramts Chemie
Mathematik II für Studierende der Chemie
Quantum Reaction Dynamics
Introduction to Relativistic Quantum Chemistry
Statistische Thermodynamik / Statistical Thermodynamics

Open-Shell Systems
A database with input files (and some output files) for simple open-shell cases (e.g. atoms and atomic ions with a single open shell).
All input files are to be used together with the GAMESS electronic structure code (available from the Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University).

Hans Hellmann (1903-1938)
2015: New edition of Einführung in die Quantenchemie appeared.
2012: 75th anniversary of the publication, in 1937, of the first textbooks on Quantum Chemistry, written by Hans Hellmann.
Hellmann web site at the University of Siegen, with a detailed biography in English (PDF).
Complete list of his publications.