List of publications of Hans Hellmann

Dirk Andrae
Institut für Chemie und Biochemie, Freie Universität Berlin

This list contains all publications of Hans Hellmann (* 14 Oct 1903, + 29 May 1938), German physicist and pioneer of quantum chemistry, as far as they are currently known [1-3]. Also included are a few publications of his colleagues and co-workers, where the fact that Hellmann was a co-author was not or could no longer be mentioned in the German Reich or in the Soviet Union, for political reasons.

The publications are arranged (mainly) in chronological order, usually according to the date of receipt of the manuscripts by the journals’ editorial office. Each entry gives the authors’ names and the title of the publication in the original language (German, Russian, or English). The place of origin and the date of receipt of the manuscript are also indicated. This information is then augmented by an English version of the title for work published in German or in Russian. If available, the English titles were taken from standard reference sources [4] (sometimes after slight modification). The bibliographic information for articles is completed by journal title, journal volume, year of publication, and page range, with abbreviations for journal titles as obtained from the Chemical Abstracts Service Source Index (CASSI) Search Tool. Finally, information on entries in standard reference sources [4] is given. An annotation with background information is added in some cases.

Please note: Links to electronic versions of articles are active, but links to PDF versions are not.

Valuable help in checking bibliographic data in Russian was received from Dr. Venera Khoromskaia, Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences (Leipzig), and is gratefully acknowledged.

[1] W. H. E. Schwarz, J. Meister. Bibliography of Hans Hellmann 1925-1938. University of Siegen, 1993, unpublished.
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[4] The following standard reference sources have been used to retrieve information on publications of Hans Hellmann:
Chemical Abstracts (C. A.) Collective Author Indexes (1907-1916, 1917-1926,1927-1936, 1937-1946, 1947-1956) and Chemical Abstracts SciFinder™,
Science Abstracts A: Physics Abstracts (Sci. Abstr. A, up to volume 34, 1931),
Chemisches Zentralblatt [German Abstracts from 1830 to 1969] (C., volumes 97 to 110, 1925-1939).
None of these sources, if taken alone, provides a complete set of references to Hellmann’s work.

Published online 10 Jun 2012 / Last modification 13 Jun 2012 / Dirk Andrae