Infosystem Mongolei

Infosystem Mongolei

An Internet-based Journal on Mongolian Affairs

Editor: Oliver Corff

Infosystem Mongolei - Overview and History.

Infosystem Mongolei was chosen as a "Best o' comp.infosystems.www.announce" by the moderator of comp.infosystems.www.announce, M. L. Grant, on April 4th, 1996. Check the Best o' c.i.w.announce page for more!

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Questions of a more general nature concerning Mongolia and Mongolians can be found together with their answers in the Mongolia FAQ , or Mongolia[-related] F requently A sked Q uestions (and their answers, of course).

Infosystem Mongolei attempts to offer information on the following subjects:

and - in future - many other subjects.

Upcoming Events

Within a limited scope, Infosystem Mongolei will try to announce upcoming events, meetings, exhibitions, etc. Please note the following:

Call for Papers : Infosystem Mongolei can only grow and remain up-to-date if the readers express their wishes and ideas. This can also be done in the form of articles on subjects which you'd like to see included.

O. Corff is the editor of Infosystem Mongolei. You can reach him at .