Movies in and on Mongolia

Mongolia has had her own movie industry and her own movie production for many years but the movies produced in Mongolia rarely ever reach other countries except for occasional screenings at movie festivals, culture weeks etc. It is therefore necessary to collect a minimum of information on Mongolian movies.

Diane Gabrysiak has made extensive research on Mongolian movies, including also movies which only relate to an imaginary idea of Mongolia. Besides a comprehensive reference on films she also contributed an article and overview of the Mongolian cinema.

Usually, each movie title reviewed here is supposed to have its own entry here but some movies make an exception. The following Mongolian movies

are all discussed in the article Mongolische Filme auf der 44. Berlinale 1994 by Oliver Corff (in German).

Of much greater importance for the understanding of the concepts about Mongolia with western audiences is the image of Mongolians in European and American movies. John W. Williams tries to shed some light on this question reviewing three films. The American films

are discussed in his article The Duke as the Khan: American Renditions of Chinggis Khan. However, the film The Conqueror is also discussed in detail in a selected review. See below!

Selected Reviews

A topic which requires global presence in all small movie theatres of this planet cannot be completed if one author alone is responsible for all reviews. Hence, the readers are cordially invited to submit reviews, comments etc. on Mongolian movies as well as movies dealing with Mongolia as subject. Please read this Call for Papers.