New Techniques in Geometric Invariant Theory

31st August - 4th September 2015


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The workshop New Techniques in Geometric Invariant Theory will bring together mathematicians ranging from graduate students to senior experts to study classical results and recent developments in geometric invariant theory, as well as connections with symplectic reduction and hyperkähler quotients, toric geometry, derived categories, moduli spaces and stacks.

The workshop schedule is split between courses, which highlight some of the latest advances in geometric invariant theory, and research talks. Each morning, we will have two courses given by leading experts in the field. In the afternoons, there will be talks given by researchers working on related topics. The workshop is organised by the Freie Universität Berlin and will take place at the Zuse Institute of the Freie Universität in Dahlem, Berlin.

The two courses at the centre of this workshop are:

    • Daniel Halpern-Leistner (Institute for Advanced Study and Columbia University)
      Beyond Geometric Invariant Theory

    • Frances Kirwan (University of Oxford)
      Non-reductive Geometric Invariant Theory

These courses will be complemented by invited lectures explaining recent developments in the field. The invited speakers are:

    • Gergely Berczi

    • Andrew Dancer

    • Brent Doran

    • Emilie Dufresne

    • Daniel Greb

    • Jochen Heinloth

    • Kiumars Kaveh

    • Yoshinori Namikawa

    • Gerald Schwarz


  • Victoria Hoskins, Freie Universität Berlin

  • Alexander Schmitt, Freie Universität Berlin


We thank the SFB 647 "Space - Time - Matter" for their financial support