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Marie Curie training course 2008

The Marie Curie training course 2008 is hosted by Environmental Policy Research Centre of the Freie Universitšt Berlin and will take place at the Freie Universitšt Berlin. The series of training courses on the Human Dimension of Global Environmental Change are organised biannually in rotation with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, IVM.
This year, the theme of the Training Course will be “Participation in Earth Systems Governance” aims to train and educate advanced doctoral students and young researchers about the latest theoretical developments and empirical and practical implications from the field. It also provides the opportunity for participants to present the results of relevant research. It finally aims at establishing a network of young researchers and developing a research agenda for the future.
Key questions of the 2008 Training Course are:

- (How) does participation enhance problem defining/ formation and solving in earth system governance? What patterns of participation are observed, what are preconditions for participation and what impacts does participation have?
- What are new problems – e.g. lack of legitimacy, green wash, capture, corruption – and how to overcome these problems?
These questions are tackled in different disciplines of social science – international relations, political science and law. This training course brings together the different perspectives on participation in earth system governance - the empirical observations, the research questions and the analytical and methodical approaches.
The training course addresses the above questions in the following areas:

Participation at the international level
Participation at the national (and sub national) level
Enabling participation of non-state actors in earth system governance
Blind spots of participation: corruption
Participation and long-term policies

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