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Arampatzis, Stratos; Bastian, Olaf; Hahn, Thomas; Galaz, Victor; Manos, Basil; Navodaru, Ion; Karacsony, Zoltan; Kenward, Robert; Müssner, Rainer; Terry, Andrew; von Raggamby, Anneke A Framework for Analysing the Interactions between Governance, Ecosystem Management, and Biodiversity  
Arzt, Katja The Dynamic Influences of Institutions and Design-Principals on the Outcomes of a Participatory Process  
Aubin, David Activation of Rules in Water Rivalries: Modes of Resolution between Users in Western Europe  
Balsiger, Jörg Ideology of place and resource policy effectiveness: Sustainable mountain development in the Swiss Alps and Californias Sierra Nevada download
Banaszak, Ilona; Beckmann, Volker The Role of Leadership in the Process of Establishing and Sustaining Cooperation download
Bättig, Michèle Cooperation of countries in the international climate regime - a possible measure to stimulate effective and efficient energy use  
Bertzky, Monika; Fritz-Vietta, Nadine; Stoll-Kleemann, Susanne; Schliep, Rainer Reconciling biodiversity conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources - lessons from biosphere reserves in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Madagascar, Mexico and Poland  
Bleischwitz, Raimund; Bahn-Walkowiak, Bettina (a) Sustainable Development in the European aggregates industry: the case for sectoral strategies
(b) Outline of a German Resource Policy
download (a)
Bolma, Cătălina The Resource-Security Matrix download
Bongardt, Daniel; Dalkmann, Holger; Sterk, Wolfgang; Wittneben, Bettina Equity in Mobility - Increasing Efficiency in the Transport Sector through an Effective Clean Development Mechanism download
Bringezu, Stefan How material specific should resource policies be designed? Complementary approaches towards economy-wide sustainable resource management download
van der Brugge, Rutger; de Graaf, Rutger Transformation and Resilience of Water management regimes
Integration of water and spatial planning in Rotterdam
Bryner, Gary Beyond Cost-Benefit Analysis: Promoting Ecological Sustainability in Natural Resource and Environmental Agencies in the United States  download
Bugayong, Leonida A. Effectiveness of Logging Ban Policies in Protecting the Remaining Natural Forests of the Philippines download
Campos, Maria Rebecca Economic Evaluation of Fisheries Policies in the Philippines download
Carius, Alexander Conditions and constraints for environmental cooperation as a tool for crisis prevention and peace building download
Cascone, Carmela; Carnevalino, Sirio; Ciccarese, Lorenzo;  Giunta, M. Sustainable use of natural resources in Italy: measuring effectiveness of policies through decoupling indicators download
Chowdhury, Nupur Application of the Principle of Subsidiarity in Addressing Governance Issues of Groundwater Resources in India  
Cinq-Mars, Katherine National greenhouse gas emissions performance: The importance of political-institutional variables  
Dombrowsky, Ines Institutional Design and Regime Effectiveness - The Case of the International Commission for the Protection of the Elbe  
Eisenack, Klaus (a) A board game for interdisciplinary training and dialogue
(b) Formal viability analysis of participatory fisheries management
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Feindt, Peter H. New agricultural policy patterns in OECD countries: More effective, efficient and equal?  
Fischhendler, Itay Escaping the "Polluter Pays" Trap: Financing Wastewater Treatment on the Tijuana-San Diego Border download
Frantzi, Sofia What role does environmental monitoring and assessment play in decision making under international environmental regimes? The case of MED POL programme and the Barcelona Convention.  
Fritz-Vietta, Nadine; Stoll-Kleemann, Susanne Fostering Efficiency of Natural Resource Use in Madagascar: Integrating Nature Conservation and Poverty Alleviation in the Biosphere Reserve Mananara-Nord  
Garrelts, Heiko Potentials and restrictions of nongovernmental organizations in sustainable resource use and environmental cooperation*  
Gerber, Jean-David; Nahrat, Stéphane; Knoepfel, Peter Institutional Resource Regimes: a Political Science Perspective on Sustainable Resource Management Combining Property Rights Theory and Policy Analysis download
Giljum, Stefan; Behrens, Arno; Hinterberger, Friedrich; Lutz, Christian; Meyer, Bernd Towards sustainable resource use in the European Union: scenario results from the MOSUS project


Giri, Kalpana Resource Complexities and Governance Mechanisms: Evaluating Community Forestry Program of Nepal*  download
Görlach, Benjamin; Interwies, Eduard; Newcombe, Jodi How are we performing? The Role of ex-post Cost-Effectiveness-Analyses in European Environmental Policies download
Gurtoo, Anjula; Antony, S.J. Indirect and Unintended Consequences of Environmental Legislations on Economic and Business Activity: A Systematic Review download
Gusdorf, François ; Hallegatte, Stéphane Rising Transportation Prices - the Amplification of Negative Effects by Housing Inertia download
Haas, Timothy C. Wildlife Management Using an Integrated Model of Political and Ecological Processes download
Hammaidi, Azzedine The strategic triangle and the management of water conflicts in the Middle East  
Hayball, Nigel; Bennett, Jeff Knowledge Flows: Developing Informative Policy-Advice in Water Resource Commissions' download
Hubacek, Klaus; Prell, Christina; Quinn, Claire; Reed, Mark Stakeholder selection as precondition for successful participatory processes download
Imran, Muhammad; Low, Nicholas Identifying the institutional barriers to sustainable urban transport in Pakistan  
Irimie, Doru Leonard Property Rights in Romanian Forest Policy - An Institutional Analysis in the Context of Societal Transformation download
Jappe, Arlette Science for Sustainable River Basin Management  
Jha, Lakshman; Singh, U.P. Sustainability of Coal Energy and Environment download
Kantz, Carola The Role of Multistakeholder Initiatives in Curbing Trade with Conflict Commodities - Old Wine in New Bottles or a Promising Tool of Governance? download
Karcher,Silke; Ciccarese, Lorenzo  Delivering the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources download
Kauneckis, Derek Re-thinking enforcement mechanisms in property rights to natural resources download
Kimura, Osamu; Suzuki, Tatsujiro 30 years of solar energy development in Japan: co-evolution process of technology, policies, and the market download
Korppoo, Anna Modernisation of Russian Pulp and Paper Industry: Lessons from Finland download
Künkel, Nana; Klaus Jacob, Per-Olof Busch Climate policies–(the feasibility of ) a statistical analysis of their determinants download
Kyi, Thanda Reforestation Management and Socio-economic Condition of Landless Taungya download
Kyllönen, Simo, Alfred Colpaert, Hannu Heikkinen, Mikko Jokinen, Jouko Kumpula, Mika Marttunen, Kari Muje & Kaisa Raitio Conflict Management as a Means to the Sustainable Use of Natural Resources download
Lehtonen, Markku Decoupling freight transport from GDP - conditions for a 'regime shift' download
Lindemann, Stefan Addressing the need for water service delivery in fragile states: The case of German donor involvement in Yemen download
Lipp, Judith Lessons for Success: An examination of the factors affecting renewable energy policy in Germany, Denmark, England & Canada  
Lutz, Christian; Meyer, Bernd; Wolter, Marc Ingo; Giljum, Stefan (a) The GINFORS Model in the MOSUS project: Model Description and Baseline Projection download
Meyer, Bernd; Distelkamp, Martin; Wolter, Marc Ingo Material Efficiency and Economic-Environmental Sustainability.
Results of Simulations for Germany with the Model PANTA RHEI
Moutchnik, Alexander Thinking globally - acting locally: Content and specifics of natural-resource policy of multinational corporations. The case of the cement industry.  
Murti, Radhika Lessons for Success: An examination of the factors affecting renewable energy policy in Germany, Denmark, England & Canada download
Naukkarinen, Paula The role of policies and equal burden sharing in the ecological footprint of potable water production in Cyprus  download
Nath, Tapan Kumar; Makoto, Inoue How Does Local Governance Affect Projects’ Outcomes? Experience from a Participatory Forestry Project of Bangladesh download
Nautiyal, Sunil; Kächele, Harald Traditional landraces needs policy support for conservation and management of agroecosystems in Himalayas of India download
Ninan, K N Non Timber Forest Products and Biodiversity Conservation - A Study of Tribals in a Protected Area in India download
Nistor, Laura How an environmental good governance should looks like? The impact of EU on Romania's environmental transition download
Nordbeck, Ralf

Kvarda, Eva

New Modes of Governance for Sustainability in Austria * Comparing the Legitimacy and Effectiveness of the Austrian Biodiversity Strategy and the Austrian Forest Dialogue  download
Onigkeit, Janina Fairness aspects of linking the European emissions trading system under a long-term stabilization target for CO2 concentrations  
Osofsky, Hari M. Geographic Approaches to Transnational Regulatory Governance: Lessons from Climate Change Litigation  
Rahaman, Muhammad Mizanur; Varis, Olli Mexico World Water Forum's Ministerial Declaration 2006: A Dramatic Policy Shift? download
Rao, Raghavendra G. Integrating Environmental Dimensions into Public Policy Curriculum in India  
Rice, Robert A. Biodiversity Protection in Managed Lands: Opportunity for Coalitions download
Roberts, J. Timmons Addressing the Structural Roots of Carbon Emissions Inequity: Export Profiles, Foreign Assistance, and "Pathway Switching" to Low-Carbon Development Strategies in LDCs  
Salmon, Guy; Scherzer, Jörn; Bärlund, Hanna-Maria; Zilliacus, Kim Biodiversity Protection on Private Land: Eliciting Institutional Change Toward Sustainability in Finland, Sweden and New Zealand  
Schepelmann, Philipp Resource policy in the European Union download
Schmitt, Christine; Grote, Ulrike Wild coffee production in Ethiopia: the role of coffee certification for forest conservation  
Sehring, Jennifer The politics of water institutional reform. A comparative analysis of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan  download
Sindico, Francesco Climate Taxes and the WTO: Is the Multilateral Trade Regime a Further Obstacle for Efficient Domestic Climate Policies?  
Sinner, Jim; Crengle, Hana Improving market-based instruments through role-playing-games: Nitrate trading in New Zealand download
Spiess, Andy Water Policies in the Member States of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC): Perspectives on Effectiveness and Political Responses in Light of the Human Dimensions Discourse from Kuwait and Bahrain  
Stellmacher, Till From the top-down state to participation? Coffee forest conservation in Ethiopia  
Stoll-Kleemann, Susanne; Bertzky, Monika; Fritz-Vietta, Nadine; Schliep, Rainer Barriers and success factors for implementing biodiversity related policies  
Störmer, Eckhard; Ruef, Annette; Truffer, Bernhard Planning for Sustainable Sanitation Infrastructures: Ensuring eco-efficient resource use through participatory foresight download
Tanguilig, Herminia C. Institutional Aspects of Participatory Local Natural Resource Management  
Tienhaara, Kyla Mineral Policy in Developing Countries: Protecting Investors or the Environment? download
Tiwari, A.P.;  Dutta, V.
Customer’s choice and preference of water supply institutions: A case of water sector
reforms in Delhi, India.
Valicenti, Lyndon; Cosmann, Nicole; Faulhaber, Kate; Leous, JP; Lopez –Alcala, Mario; Parry, Neal; Rodriguez, Armando Driving Sustainable Development: Carbon Sequestration as a Vehicle for Multi-Stakeholder Participation in Realizing the Millennium Development Goals download
Vien, Ha Thuc


Land Privatization and Its Impact on Rural Livelihoods: An Examination from the Southern Uplands of Vietnam download
Visseren-Hamakers, Ingrid J The role of international intersectoral partnerships in sustainable fisheries - Crossing multiple borders for sustainable development download
Volkery, Axel; Hoogeveen, Ybele; Ribeiro, Teresa Prospective Evaluation of Land-Use Development in Europe: Searching for robust long-term strategies download