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Chemoenzymatic Synthesis and
Automated Flash Chromatography Lab Course


General information

Synthesis of organic building blocks via enzymatic transformations (single enzyme and microbial biotransformation). Isolation and characterization of products on automated flash chromatography, analytical and preparative HPLC systems.



Master students with strong interest in preparative enzymatic transformations, where advanced separation techniques such as analytical and preparative HPLC are needed.

The lecture on enzymatic methods in organic chemistry (LV 21252 in winter term) is mandatory, the lecture on instumental analytical chemistry (LV 21432 in winter term, at least the introduction into HPLC in janurary) is recommended.


Course dates

The lab courses (block course, 3 weeks monday-thursday from 9:00 - 13:00 or 13:00-17:00) will take place in august / september / (october), starting in 2017. Up to 4 participants can be scheduled after registration until 15th July.