Alexandru Constantinescu

I am a postdoc in Klaus Altmann’s research group at Freie Universität Berlin

Interests: commutative algebra, combinatorics, algebraic geometry (Details)

Academic Past: I obtained my PhD in April 2009, with Aldo Conca, and was a postdoc in Elisa Gorla’s group in Switzerland (first Basel, then Neuchâtel)

Mathematisches Institut

Arnimallee 3, Raum 104  

D-14195 Berlin, Germany                                                                 

Tel: +49 (0)30 838 75434



Upcoming events

Recent events

Instruments of Algebraic Geometry

11-22 September 2017, Bucharest, Romania

Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry

August-December 2016, The Fields Institute, Toronto, Canada

Mini-symposium "Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry", part of 7th ECM

18-22 July 2016, Berlin, Germany

North German Algebraic Geometry Seminar (NoGAGS)

21-22 December 2015, Berlin, Germany

Combinatorial and Experimental Methods in Commutative Algebra and Related Fields

7-10 October 2015, Osnabrueck, Germany

National School of Algebra

31 August - 4 September 2015, Bucharest, Romania

Current Trends on Groebner Bases

6-10 July 2015, Osaka, Japan

The Eight Congress of Romanian Mathematicians

26 June -1 July 2015, Iasi, Romania

AMS-EMS-SPM International meeting

10-13 June 2015, Porto, Portugal

MOCCA 2014 (Meeting On Combinatorial Commutative Algebra)

8-12 September 2014, Levico Terme, Trento, Italy