Another sunny day, the Mathildenhöhe is waiting

Back in our working room in the Kraftwerk, a strong iced coffee in my veins. The plan for today is to pretend to work a bit, write another entry for the blog, and then take a walk to the Mathildenhöhe, a nice hill with a park, some museums, and a Russian chapel on it. There Eleni, Christian and I will loiter around a bit and probably consume some more coffee containing beverages.

Other than that, I’ll check out the trains going to Mannheim or ‘Mannem’, because I’ll visit Master Reimer tomorrow. My first visit to the City of God. We’ll see what kind of entertainment David will come up with …

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2 Responses to “Another sunny day, the Mathildenhöhe is waiting”

  1. Kerstin says:

    Viel Spass in Mannheim! Ich bin jetzt wireless networked in meiner Hotellobby!>

  2. ozean says:

    Ei, desch isch ja kuhli
    Ich bin heute später abends vielleicht noch mal online. Kommt dann darauf an, wann ich wieder back in Darmstadt bin…>

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