One of my all time favorites: Delicatessen.

After a long day in the Kraftwerk Christian and I rode back to Griesheim just in time to not get soaked by one of the gazillions of rain and thunder storms that these days frequently empty themselves over this area. After a quick, student style pasta dish, we wanted to watch Bulletproof Monk. We decided not to. After a few minutes of Chinese only dialogues we (kind of) agreed that we have to look for an alternative. Which was found in the form of Delicatessen, by Jeunet et Caro. Marvellous! Great! Inspiring!
It has been several years since I’ve seen Delicatessen for the last time. Now I know for sure again why I did attach that Delicatessen poster to the kitchen wall. Christian fell asleep, but that does not keep a real Jeunet et Caro aficionado from watching the movie to the end and be highly amused and inspired (as I said ;-) ).
If you haven’t seen Delicatessen yet, do it as soon as possible. The world will be different…


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