Cambridge, my balcony, and Sunnydale.

This is a selection of the spaces over which yesterday evening’s most relevant events were distributed. After finishing the asparagus season with a fine meal, shared between Florian, Chr, Sofie and myself, Florian left to catch his plane back to Cambridge. I hope that there’ll soon be some time and money for a trip to Cambridge. Haven’t punted through the Cam yet. After Florian left, the rest of the crowd gathered on the balcony, enjoying the vegetation and the mild air. More interesting stories relating to intestinal activities were told ;-) and some more white wine was consumed. As time passed and the sun went down Chr got himself involved in old-school telecommunication while Sofie and I started to visit Sunnydale as it was presented in the last two Buffy episodes (7×07 and 7×08 – to say it again, 7×07 was really scary and definitely one of the best episodes I’ve seen yet. Then finally Kerstin and Olli trickled in too and we saw this week’s episode: 7×09 – Never Leave Me. It’s still not clear what will happen to Giles, and, quite a surprise, it looks like some old fiends from the first season come back into play. So the circle closes itself. It fits just perfectly that Olli bought the First Season DVD – thanks Olli!

Now, what about the space issue? Analysis of this peculiar socio-ficitonal-space is up to you. Any spaces more relevant than others? Why? Fun being back to school, isn’t it?

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4 Responses to “Cambridge, my balcony, and Sunnydale.”

  1. Chr says:

    I want to express my feeling of offence for being granted a three-letter abbreviation only whereas everybode else is called by his full name! I hope it’s only because my first name is rather longish compared to the other’s in your report. In addition you could have mentioned the underlying reason for my early retirement that evening apart from that bit relating to the engagement in “old-school telecommunication”. It makes me look somewhat boring albeit I was legitimately tired taken into account my current schedule. But to be honest, I haven’t really taken offence, I just wanted to throw in some rubbish of mine. Have fun in the lan of “Henbembelsche”!>

  2. ozean says:

    Hark, hark!
    I am utterly sorry to hear that. Matey, do you think you can spread some forgiveness over me, so that I can be a good chap again?


  3. Chr says:

    Ok, ich füge mich meinem Schicksal. Immer noch besser als “das Hähnlein”!!!>

  4. ozean says:


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