Hopefully, I will post this entry while in the DB Lounge, sipping at a self-mixed “Apfelschorle”, and recharching the batteries of my PowerBook. The DB Lounge in Frankfurt Hbf is located nicely remote in the “Reisezentrum” – you have to climb a stairway, pass a traveller’s cafe and then walk through a small opening in a wall made of light wood (beech?) and opaque glass panels. Proving your VIP status by showing your bahn.comfort card at the entry counter you get access to free newspapers and magazines (though no take away) and free hot beverages, juices and soda pops. Additionally, there are six somewhat separated workplaces where you can get power and ethernet access (there also is a wireless LAN available, which works nicely with my PowerBook). Perhaps I’ll take a picture of this location at some point of time – the way high-tech is presented at this special, access-restricted location might be quite interesting for my project… Also, it is of course nice to lounge and do fieldwork at the same time.

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2 Responses to “Lounging.”

  1. daniel. says:

    Sounds great. Do you have to register for the WLAN? Otherwise it would be possible to use it even w/o bahn.comfort.>

  2. ozean says:

    You have to register (i.e. buy a “mail&rail” card at the counter) to have full access to the network (e.g. make VPN connections using a cisco client, logging into a terminal via SSH, www, smtp….)


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