Design by Christine Kitta #2.

Florian Schui is the second member of the Schui family for whom Christine Kitta has provided pleasant web design. You can check out his site, including cv, list of publications and so forth under the address I am looking forward to visiting Florian in his new home in Ireland… (Perhaps Tini should add a few leprechauns to the design in an easter egg fashion – hover over Florian’s face and a funky leprechaun pops up.)


3 Responses to “Design by Christine Kitta #2.”

  1. tini says:

    Thank you lars for promoting!>

  2. der ozean says:

    irish kobold
    More on Leprechauns can be found in the wikipedia. Essentially, they are a specifically Irish variant of the kobold or other small faerie folk.>

  3. ozean says:

    site is down
    Since Florian is now at Royal Holloway in London, he has switched his web presence to:

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