Holiday chansons made in Berlin.

If you like good music… go to the Hotelbar on January 31st of the wonderful year 2006. The Early Tapes will be playing. You will be enchanted by the groove of the music, the charme of the lyrics and the handsome line-up! And don’t forget to bring loads of money for merchandising goods.

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2 Responses to “Holiday chansons made in Berlin.”

  1. ozean says:

    addendum Early Tapes line-up
    If you are still not convinced about going there, please note that Olli B. the Andreas Dresen of the Berlin pop-underground (Berliner Zeitung, my translation) is the singer/songwriter/guitarist/saxophonist/keyboard player of The Early Tapes.>

  2. kerstin says:

    Olli B. is my favorite artist. Everybody should go to the concert. I wished I could be there!>

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