Less gold, more snow.

That would be the Norway-motto for these days. The press laments the unexpectedly low number of gold medals won by Norwegian athletes in the Olympic Games so far. (About fourteen gold medals were expected, two have been won until day eleven.)
There is a recompensation though: Norway, or at least the Oslo region, has more snow than it had for many years. Everything is puffy and white and glistening. We already did two nordic skiing tours. The fist went on for almost three hours (we went from Sognsvann to Hammeren and even a bit further) and caused considerably sore muscles for the female participant of the trip. Yesterday, we were on our first night tour: we departed at 20:25 h and came back two hours later. Although we went uphill almost all of the time and although we raced back downhill later on, we only had one or two falls each and it seems as if the muscles don’t complain as much as they did three days before. Skiing at night is a fun experience, but one should not expect it to be a lonely experience: the electrically lighted cross-country ski run was still well-used – not as many people as there were last Saturday, but still a lot.

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  1. Katrin says:

    Hi there… have a lot of fun in the snow ;o) and tell me when you are back to have the hot meal I promised (or should I say meals?)>

  2. der Umzugshelfer says:

    Komme am Donnerstag spät Abends wieder in Berlin an. Montag den 6. geht es dann allerdings schon wieder in die Ferne – von daher würde es mir dazuwischen natürlich am besten passen! *mjam*>

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