The Science of Sleep – A Sense of Wonder and Confusion.

Back to the cinema. It is good to be able to go to the movies again! This week I saw the new movie directed by Michel Gondry, the frenchman who directed one of the nicest movies of the year 2004: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. However, the script for that movie was written by my favorite screenwriter Charlie Kaufmann. How well did Gondry fare without Kaufmann? Very well. He succeeded at giving his characters an aura that is both dreamlike and very real. They revel in strange fantasies, build wondrous worlds made of cardboard, paper, and plastic foil and the main character lives a life bordering on schizophrenia. They love and fear not to be loved, they woo and push each other away. The cast is great and the shooting works very well. The only aspect of this movie that did not enthrall me wholly was … the script. The conflicts between the potential lovers unfold in a way that is well known and, seen with a bit of distance, not really surprising or captivating. Nonetheless, if you have a sympathy for the weirdly creative and fantastic ways of fabricating worlds in your dreams, then you should definitely see this movie. I also think that the German dubbing did a very good job for a movie that certainly was not easy to translate.
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