The Greeks, the Germans and the Crisis

Discursive actor attribution analysis of the Eurozone crisis debate

Societal developments like the Eurozone crisis require interpretation: What is the cause of the crisis and who is to blame or to praise? Who should be in charge of reacting and what should be done? Not only individuals try to find their own answers to these questions. Politicians, protest groups, economic actors, and many others use their media presence to spread their respective crisis interpretation in the public sphere.

The research project The Greeks, the Germans and the Crisis (GGCRISI) focuses on the media reporting in two countries prominently involved in the Eurozone crisis: Greece and Germany. The core question of the project is: Who is made responsible by whom on what issues and on what grounds in the debate on the Eurozone crisis?

Contact the project coordinators at:

Dr. Jochen Roose
Department of Sociology
Freie Universität Berlin

Prof. Maria Kousis, PhD
Department of Sociology
University of Crete