Credit Reporting Research 


This website of Nicola Jentzsch (Free University of Berlin) is a gateway to research on credit reporting and privacy regulation worldwide.  

World Bank  The World Bank conducts research projects on credit reporting systems around the world (link)
Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Information on the New Basel Capital Accord (link)
Organization for Economic  Cooperation and Development  The organization's view on e-commerce and privacy (link
World Trade Organization   Papers and material on the work of the WTO in the field of e-commerce (link)
European Commission General website on data protection (link)
U.S. Federal Trade Commission  Website of the FTC with some material on credit reporting (link)
Applied Research
There are few institutions on both sides of the Atlantic involved in research about consumer credit, credit reporting and credit scoring.  
United States 
CRC  (Georgetown University) Research on consumer credit markets and credit reporting (link)
Wharton Financial Institutions Center Research on risk assessment and credit scoring (link)
Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia Research on financial services,  credit scoring and reporting (link)
European Credit Research Institute  The European counterpart of the Credit Research Center (link)
European University Institute  The Finance & Consumption Programme at the EUI provides excellent research (link)
Imperial College, CC Research Group Consumer credit research group of the Imperial College in London. Most of the material is not downloadable (link)
Center for Financial Studies  The CFS provides also material on credit markets (link
Academic Research 
Economics of Privacy website This site with a fine up-to-date overview is maintained by Prof. Alessandro Acquisti at the Carnegie Mellon University 
Information Economy website  Hal Varian in Prof. at the University of California at Berkeley, the site provides general material
Information goods website This personal website of Prof. Van Alstyne at UMICH presents his research on information goods
 Industry Associations
Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) U.S. Industry Association of the major credit reporting agencies
National Credit Reporting Association (NCRA) U.S. Industry Association of so-called independent credit bureaus 
European Association of Consumer Credit Information Suppliers (ACCIS) European Industry Association of credit reporting bureaus in different EU member states
Global Consumer Credit Reporting Network (former CCWRC) Global Forum of ACCIS and CDIA
 Privacy Advocates 
EPIC The Electronic Privacy Information Center provides interesting material on new developments
PIRG Confusing, but some new material
 Business Reporting

There are currently three larger international networks that compete in Europe: BIGNet, Eurogate and D&B as company. BIGNet has been founded by Experian and Creditreform, it provides information on 19 million companies in 15 European countries. The network is owned by its 12 partners that are major credit registries. The members connected their data bases and provide standardized reports as well as comparable scores. The major competitor of BIGNet is EuroGate, founded by Graydon, Bürgel Wirtschaftsinformationen and SCRL. This network provides data on more than 10 million companies in 13 different European countries. The industry association on the European level is the Federation of  Business Information Services (FEBIS) located in Frankfurt, more than 60 commercial reporting and collection agencies are organized in this association. (see also publications)



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