Short CV

Dr. Nicola Jentzsch  
Since 04/06 Head of Research ECRI
2000-2005 Freie Universität Berlin
Dept. of Economics, John F. Kennedy Institute 
Research Fellow
Work Experience / Teaching 
1994 - 1999 Freie Universität Berlin
North American Studies (Economics, Politics)
Economics, Political Science
04/05 - 06/05 Introduction to Economic Policy in the United States
10/04 - 04/05 International Trade Policy and Economics  
04/03 - 06/03 Economic Policy in the United States
10/02 - 02/03 International Trade Policy and Economics                       
Monetary and Fiscal Policy in the United States 
04/02 - 06/02 Competition and Regulation in the Information Economy 
10/01 - 02/02 International Trade Policy and Economics                       
History of American Economic Policy (1860 - 1914)
04/01 - 06/01 Economic Policy in the United States
10/00 - 02/01 U.S. Trade Politics and International Economy 
Competition and Regulation in the New Economy 
04/00 - 06/00 Economic Policy in the United States
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Doctoral Thesis Department of Economics, FU Berlin
"Financial Privacy" (Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg)
Principal Fields of Interest
Information Economy
Credit Markets, Credit Reporting, Microfinance & TA
IPE (trade, politics and institutions), CPE (U.S., EU)
Financial Sector Development in very poor countries
Fellowships and Professional Assignments (Selection)
2005 - 2007 Adviser & TA for:
World Bank (IBRD, CGAP, IFC), U.S. AID, European Commission, South African DTI, Bank of Tanzania, South Korea Federation of Banks 
Country experience:
USA, Germany, Belgium, South Africa, Tanzania
09/03 - 07/04 Research scholar at Yale University, Fox International Fellow 03/04 and Max Kade Scholar, New Haven.  
08/01 - 10/02 Visiting scholar at the Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
Publications/Research Papers 
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Selection of Conferences and Workshops (Speaker)
06/27-30/07 Annual Conference of the Chinese Economist Society, Changsha, China.
04/05/07 Conference „Emerging Priorities in Regional Financial Integration“, organized by the World Bank and Secretariat of the East African Community, Nairobi, Kenya.
05/10/07 Regional Conference on Credit Reporting in Africa, organized by World Bank, Cape Town, South Africa

International Credit Bureau Conference in Kiev, Ukraine, organized by International Finance Corporation und U.S. Agency for International Development 

21/11/05           Expert Roundtable „Latest Developments of European Household Indebtedness, European Credit Research Institute, Brüssel, Belgien
08/29/05 African Microfinance Conference "Integrating Microfinance into Formal Financial Markets, Dept. of Trade and Industry, SA, German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development; Cape Town, South Africa.  
05/15/05 Workshop "Public Credit Registries versus Private Credit Bureaus" with the Korea Federation of Banks," Berlin, Germany.
04/15/05 Conference Meeting of the Network on Consumer Finance, European Credit Research Institute, Brussels, Belgium.
10/27/04 Conference Meeting of the Network on Consumer Finance, European Credit Research Institute, Brussels, Belgium.
10/08/04 Presentation "Credit Reporting: South Africa in International Perspective," Micro Finance Regulatory Council, Johannesburg, South Africa.
08/18/04 Workshop "Estimating the Economic Effects of Data Protection," Federal Reserve Bank Philadelphia, U.S.A.
10/07/04 Presentation "Best World Practices in Credit Reporting: Lessons for China," People's Bank of China, Beijing, China..
08/07/04 International Workshop on Household Credit, University of Beijing  and University of Virginia, Beijing.
01/28/04 Workshop "Credit Reporting Regulation: An International Comparison," Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, U.S.A.
05/15 - 05/17/03 Conference "Research in Economics: Methodology, Coherence and Effectiveness," Università degli Studi di Siena, Italy
05/13 - 05/14/03

Finance and Consumption Conference "The Economics of Consumer Credit: European Experience and Lessons from the US," European University Institute, Florence, Italy.

04/29/03 Testimony on the economic implications of the consumer credit directive proposals, before the Committee on Legal Affairs and the Internal Market, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium.
09/24/02 Seminar "Financial Privacy Regimes and Competition in the Credit Reporting Industry: U.S. versus Europe," World Bank, Washington, DC, U.S.A.
06/12/02 Seminar "The Role of Credit Bureaus in EU Credit Marktes Today," European Credit Research Institute, Brussels, Belgium.

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