Chair of Theory of Science and Technology, RWTH Aachen University

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Gramelsberger, Aachen

Alumni FU Berlin
ERG member

FU Berlin


I am a philosopher who is interested in the influence of computation on science and society and the applicability of mathematics. I have conducted an extensive study on the influence of computer based simulation on science, in particular in climate research (2002 - 2008) and cell biology (2009 - 2014). In 2017 I moved to the RWTH Aachen University where I am building up the Computational Science Studies Lab (CSS-Lab).

Why do I have a personal website from the FU Freie Universität Berlin?
I am an alumni of the FU Freie Universität Berlin since 2014, where I have received my PhD in philosophy in 2001, have worked from 2004 to 2012 and teached from 2006 to 2014. Since 2015 I am a member of the Ernst-Reuter-Gesellschaft (ERG), which supports the FU Freie Universität Berlin.

Current Position and Activities
- Professor for Theory of Science and Technology (TST), RWTH Aachen University (since 2017)
»Homepage RWTH Aachen University (external link)
- Director of the Käte Hamburger Kolleg "Cultures of Research" at RWTH Aachen University (since 2021)
»KHK "Cultures of Research" (external link)
- Member of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts (since 2019)
»NRW Academy of Sciences (external link)

Member of several reserch groups
- EXU "Living Labs Incubator", HumTec Human Technology Center, RWTH Aachen (2020-2026) »LLI (external link)
- ZiF Working Group "Living Labs", ZiF Zentrum für interdisziplinäre Forschung Bielefeld (2022-2024)
- VW-Foundation Research Group "Mind the Game!" (PI: Markus Rautzenberg), Foklkwang Essen, RWTH Aachen University, University of Bielefeld, Leuphana University Luneburg (2018-2022)
»Mind the Game! (external link)
- VW-Foundation Research Group "Gesellschaft nach dem Geld. Eine Simulation" (PI: Jens Schröter, Univerisity of Bonn), University of Bonn, Wirtschaftsuniversität Vienna, LMU München, RWTH Aachen, Commons-Institut (2018-2022)
»Gesellschaft nach dem Geld (external link)
- Swiss-German NSF Research Group "Computersignale. Kunst und Biologie im Zeitalter ihres digitalen Experimentierens" (PI: Hannes Rickli, Zürich), ZHdK Zürich, University of Lucerne, Academy of Science Berlin, RWTH Aachen, University of Texas Austin, AWI Helgoland (2012-2020)
»Comutersignale (external link)

Academic activities
- Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Deutsches Museum Munich (since 2021)
»Deutsches Museum (external link)
- Head of the working group on Philosophy of the Digital of the German Society for Philosophy (DGPhil) (since 2020)
»DGPhil Philosophy of the Digital (external link)
- Editor of the book series "Philosophia digitalis" for Mentis Brill together with Jörg Noller (since 2023)
»"Philosophia digitalis" (external link)
- Editor of the book series "Science and Technology Studies" for edition sigma, Nomos (Baden-Baden) together with Stefan Böschen, Jörg Niewöhner, Heike Weber (since 2019)
»"Science and Technology Studies" (external link)

Computational Science Studies Lab (CSS-Lab)