Projects and Software

I am proud and happy to work on AI and machine learning applications in pathology now at Mindpeak.

Below, you can find some very old reseach project from my PhD times where I did work on actual AI (i.e. not deep learning in well-defined contexts) and where I learned how very, very far we are from general AI - despite of all the claims that you can listen to in your favorite TedTalk or read in your daily newspaper.
libPRADA (until 2012)
libPRADA is a C++-library for model-based relational reinforcement learning in stochastic domains. It allows to learn, reason and plan with probabilistic relational rules.
libARMANI (until 2012)
libARMANI is an Autonomous Robot MANIpulation simulator written in C++.
A physically simulated robot stands in front of a table and manipulates blocks, balls and boxes -- good old blocks world for (almost) real! libARMANI uses realistic robotic kinematics, plath planning methods and a 3D rigid-body dynamics simulator (ODE) that enables a realistic behavior of the manipulated objects.