Péter Koltai

Professor for "Data-driven modeling of complex systems"
Institut für Mathematik
Freie Universität Berlin

Answers are simple. It is questions which are hard.

Research interests


Recent and upcoming activities

07/2022 Attending the 15th Viennese Conference on Optimal Control and Dynamic Games
06/2022 Speaking at the Complexity Science Hub Vienna workshop Stochastic Dynamics for Complex Systems: New Directions
09/2021 Organizing the workshop CECAM discussion meeting on Generalized Langevin Equations at the Zuse Institute Berlin
05/2021 Speaking at the SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems (DS21)
05/2021 Attending the Oberwolfach Mini-Workshop: Analysis of Data-driven Optimal Control
03/2021 Organizing the minisymposium Structural approaches for turbulent flows at the Second Conference of the CRC1114 — virtual
01/2021 Attending the CIB-EPFL Conference on Linear Response: Rigorous Results and Applications
10/2020 Speaking at the Dynamical Systems seminar of the Imperial College London
09/2020 Speaking at the Second Symposium on Machine Learning and Dynamical Systems at the Fields Institute — virtual ( link to talk )
08/2020 Organizing the minisymposium Transfer operators and geophysical flows at the SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE20) — virtual