Collaboration with PKP

As PKP's Translation Management Coordinator I try to support translators of PKP applications. I am also a member of PKP's Technical Commitee. For many years I contribute to the development of the software of the Public Knowledge Project, especially to their software Open Journal Systems.

I am the maintainer of the German locales of PKP applications and the underlying library. A German locale is an important requirement for the use of OJS in German-speaking countries and the continuious development of OJS requires a constant work on the translation. The German locale of OJS is complete and up to date. If you find errors in the translation or if you have any suggestions, please contact me. You can also follow the development of the translation on my github profile. I am currently working on the translation of the development version OJS 3. As far as my free time permits I’ll take care of the translation of Open Monograph Press, too.

I’ve carried out trainings and lectures on OJS for many years and I like to help when you have questions regarding OJS. Central sources of OJS support are the PKP support forum and the issue tracker on GitHub. The Center for Digital Systems at Freie Universität Berlin has done important work on the adaption of OJS.

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