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Invitation  to  a  Symposium



- away from Greed and Scarcity

Saturday,           the   5th July 2003  (12:30)

to Monday,        the   7th July 2003  (18:30)


and  an Open Space  Workshop


ImplementING global and bio-regional complementary currencies

Monday,            the    7th July 2003  (18:30)

to Saturday,       the 12th  July 2003  (14:00)



at Lebensgarten Eco-village

Steyerberg, Germany      



Sixty years after World War II, we are threatened by a new war, by social revolution (e.g. Seattle, Genoa, etc), and financial collapse. These are the three historical methods of dealing with the pathological exponential growth in our money system. The Japanese and Argentine experiences with complementary currencies show that, in a crisis situation, new models of creating and using money can be implemented.


Therefore, the central questions to be discussed during the symposium and workshop are:


•         How can we create stable money systems as one of the fundamental preconditions for a sustainable economy?


•         What is to be learnt from the countries where different models exist?


•         Do we need more crises before the necessary changes can be made? Or is it possible to carry out experiments in a less stressful and dangerous political situation?


•         What are the necessary ingredients for a sustainable money system in terms of governance, decision-making, technical solutions, funding, and awareness?


We will discuss the potential of various concepts - their implementation and their contribution to the alleviation of poverty, social polarisation and environmental degradation.



It is time to concentrate on the practical, the implementation, the experience of action in the field, constructive proposals for governance and improvement of new and existing projects. To allow this we have arranged the following process:

Within the Symposium, there will be main presentations from the invited speakers, but also time to discuss their positions. In the Open Space Workshop, all participants will be given a chance to present their ideas and questions and the speakers will be available for in depth discussion in small groups.


Each day in the Open Space Workshop, there will be a session of a half-hour - before lunch - for short presentations to the plenary - on what particular participants would like to discuss in 2 to 3 hours during a small group afternoon session with specific topics.


Each group would bring back a short summary for the evening plenary session.


We suggest that all presenters bring questions and materials to support or illustrate their ideas, e.g.  

•         Reasons for monetary change and your preferred solutions

•         Obstacles and/or support from politics, science, business, grassroots, stakeholders…….

•         Experiences with complementary currencies so far



For the theoretical discussion that has happened over the years, please consult


www.margritkennedy.de       and  



We will be able to accommodate 60 to 70 participants.  Therefore, please, register early.


In order to remain on our mailing list, please, send us a note confirming your further interest by

e-mail (declan@telda.net) or  fax (+49 57 64 23 68)







Invited Speakers


•  Dr. Hazel Henderson, St. Augustine, Fl., USA,

futurist, evolutionary economist, a worldwide syndicated columnist, consultant on sustainable development, Author: Beyond Globalization – Shaping a Sustainable Global Economy


•  Prof. Dr. Margrit Kennedy, Steyerberg, architect & consultant on bio-regional complementary currencies with circulation incentive Author: Interest & Inflation Free Money – Creating an exchange medium that works for everybody and protects the earth


•   Prof. Dr. Bernard Lietaer, Belgium, former European banker & futurist, currently a Research Fellow at the Center for Sustainable Resources of the University of California at Berkeley, Author: The Future of Money – Beyond Greed and Scarcity


•   Dr. Shann Turnbull, Sydney, Australia, Businessman/entrepreneur, reforming the socio-economic system, 1975 pioneer in the study and teaching of corporate governance. Author: Democratising The Wealth of Nations 


As every second year, in 2003, the symposium language will be English.



Concept & Organisation:

Prof. Declan Kennedy, Steyerberg


Cost per person:          Euro 250,- 

Registration before May 1st. 2003 - € 200,-

(For symposium only - - - - -        € 150,-)


Food & Accommodation

for the whole event

single room                            Euro 465

double room                          Euro 395

triple room                             Euro 345

hostel accommodation          Euro 295


for symposium only

single room                            Euro 170

double room                          Euro 150

triple room                             Euro 130

hostel accommodation          Euro 110





Please, register with

Ms. Katharina Weber at the office of

Lebensgarten  Steyerberg e.V.

Ginsterweg 3,

31595 Steyerberg, Germany

+ 49 5764 -23 70    fax: -25 78

e-mail:  info@lebensgarten.de

and include a deposit of € 100,-

as cash (registered post) or certified cheque


office hours:

Mo. - Fr. 10-12 hrs + Tu. & Thurs. 17-19 hrs