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Perception, Aesthetics and Envelopment
Encountering Space and the Materiality of Railway and Ferry Terminal Buildings

This page presents a video recording and the outline of the talk which I have given during the conference Technological and Aesthetic (Trans)Formations of Society as part of the panel Urban Places and Private Quarters.

Author: Lars Frers (2005)

I am publishing the contents of this page under the
Creative Commons License.
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This talk is based on the work for my Ph. D. thesis which deals with the interactions between space, materiality, and people in railway stations and ferry passenger terminals. (Further info on the thesis can be found on my homepage.) The study is based on participant observation, the detailed analysis of video recordings made in railway and ferry terminals, and on observations of my self, of how I feel and act in these places.

You can read the outline of the talk and / or watch the video recording (23:30 minutes). The video has subtitles which are based on the outline of this talk, and it also features the actual two video clips which I have shown to the audience during the presentation.

I am using modern web standards (HTML5) to present the video on this page. For the best experience you need a standards compliant browser like Firefox (version 3.5+), Safari (version 3.1+) or Google Chrome (Version 3+). For offline use of the video an application like the open source player VLC or Apple’s QuickTime Player is necessary.

encountering space & materiality (and people)

how to grasp and name my unease (Unbehagen) with urban places

what I knew I wanted

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video clip part 1 – leaving the train

building the envelope

leaving the train: the material, spatial & social organization of the platform

encountering the specific material-spatial-social constellation

people who enter a setting envelop themselves too (brace myself)

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video clip part 2 – leaving the terminal

passage through envelopes

going through the noise, entering the main hall, orienting oneself, leaving, being outside

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wrapping up: envelopment – risk & safety

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