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Next event: Cryptopsarty, Wednesday April 1st, Fenner Hall.

This club is dedicated to an initiative to reclaim privacy in the face of mass surveillance, We attempt this by raising awareness for defensive measures that protect against this surveillance anywhere, starting at ANU's Fenner Hall.

On this page you will find information regarding current activity and upcoming events.

Fenner Cryptoparties

technical subversiveness

To achieve this objective, the club will regularly organise 'cryptoparties' and other Free Software-related events at the hall.

Cryptoparties are a fun and pleasant way to become familiar with important, basic encryption tools. People come together to learn about ways to use these tools and see that this can be simple and convenient.

Also, there will be free food and bevs.

The following video, produced by the Berlin cryptoparty activists, gives you an idea why you might want to attend.



The next Fenner Cyptoparty will be held on Wednesday, April 1st, 20:30 at the Common Rooms of Fenner Hall

It will feature input from Michael Eisel on the state Fenner's network is in, and on the vulnerable points in (implementations of) privacy-protecting technology.


Our inaugural event happened on Thursday, August 28th , in Frank Fenner room.

At this event, we covered the basic set-up procedure for email encryption with gpg in detail. (See Documentation.) At future events we may not go through this process again as a group, but individual assistence will be provided to you if you haven't set up gpg with your email yet.

If you are in this situation, it would be great if you could do a couple of things in advance to ensure that things will go smoothly. To reduce the strain on the wifi network at Fenner and avoid waits, please download some of the software beforehand. How to install and configure it will then be covered at the event. Please also add the email account(s) you want to use encryption with to Thunderbird.

Refer to the Documentation page for details.

Linux Install Fest

For some time at the start in the first Semester of 2015, we are planning a Linux Install Fest. At this event you can get help in switching to the Free operating system Linux.

Linux is a fully capable operating system that is available free of charge and open source.

You can install Linux at the time, either replacing or accompanying your previous operating system. Or you can see demonstrations and get more information on why and how to use Linux.

A member of the Canberra Linux User Group (CLUG) will assisst us in case any technical difficulties arise.


For a start, we will focus on email and chat encryption. More specifically, we will help with the configuration of PGP encryption for email and the OTR and Textsecure V2 protocolls for push-messaging. Installation guidelines will be given for Linux (preferred), Windows and Mac OS X.

We will also discuss the limitations and draw-backs of each all of these methods.

However, in the spirit of openess and freedom, suggestions for further topics are most welcome. More general discussions of relevant issues and events are also encouraged.

Getting Involved

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved on the organisational side of things.

Especially, input on the technical side on either implementation or the mathematical side of encryption would be welcome.

Such contributions would be interesting, even though the focus of the session will, to begin with, be on how to use encryption in a way that does not require detailed technical understanding of it.


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