MonTeX --- MLS Support for LaTeX2e

Finally it is here: A Modern Mongolian implementation for the fine typesetting system TeX and its macro package LaTeX2e.

The MonTeX package defines four implementation levels with different degrees of language/script support and different software requirements.

  1. Implementation Level I

  2. Implementation Level II

  3. Implementation Level III

  4. Implementation Level IV

Implementation level I is good for producing documents in Modern Mongolian; implementation level II adds support for words and lines of Classical Mongolian embedded in other (Cyrillic and Latin) scripts which is essentially useful for dictionaries etc.; implementation level III allows the composition of purely Classical Mongolian documents while implementation level IV finally allows the combination of both scripts in freely assignable quantities and locations within the document.

Minor and even major bugs and functional defficiencies should be expected. Please complain loudly if the software behaves in an undesired way.

For a demonstration of MonTeX Level IV capabilities you can download a PostScript Demonstration version showing some of the new commands and their effects on a contemporary text written in Uighur Mongolian, aka bicig.

Mongolian Documentation of LaTeX2e

D. Dorj made the effort to translate the short description of LaTeX2e known as l2kurz.tex in German into Mongolian; bogino (meaning ``short''in Mongolian) is an archive containing the LaTeX source as well as DVI and PostScript versions.