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Full namePositionE-MailPhone
Beate Paulus, Prof. Dr.Head of the Groupb.paulus@fu-berlin.de52097
Jörn Manz, Prof. Dr.Guest Professorjmanz@chemie.fu-berlin.de53338
Dirk Andrae, PD Dr.Research Associatedirk.andrae@fu-berlin.de50958
Carsten Müller, Dr.Research Associatecarsten@chemie.fu-berlin.de52645
Jhon Perez, Dr.Research Associatejperez@zedat.fu-berlin.de53348
Gernot Füchsel, Dr.Research Associategfuechsel@zedat.fu-berlin.de55389
Johannes Budau, MScPhD Studentjbudau@zedat.fu-berlin.de54568
Zeinab Kaawar, MScPhD Studentkaawarzeinab@zedat.fu-berlin.de53757
Chunmei Liu, MScPhD Studentchunmei@zedat.fu-berlin.de52645
Christian Stemmle, MScPhD Studentchrst@zedat.fu-berlin.de55333
Yasmeen Qawasmeh, MScPhD Studentyasmeen@zedat.fu-berlin.de53757
Davood Alizadeh Sanati, MScPhD Studentdavood@zedat.fu-berlin.de55333
Stefan Mattsson, MScPhD Studentstefan.mattsson@fu-berlin.de53757
Christian Becker, MScPhD Studentchristian.becker@fu-berlin.de53348
Tim Küllmey, MScPhD Studentkuellmet@zedat.fu-berlin.de53348
Felix Witte, MScPhD Studentfelixwitte@zedat.fu-berlin.de53348
Frederik Bader, MScPhD Studentfredibad123@zedat.fu-berlin.de55327
Kangli Wang, MScPhD Studentklwang0329@zedat.fu-berlin.de55389
Jingjing ShaoPhD Studentjingjingshao@zedat.fu-berlin.de54568

The phone prefix is +49 30 838

Former Members 
Timm Bredtmann, at Max-Born Institut, Berlin
Jadranka Dokic, in Humboldt University of Berlin (
Chris Eyles, Dr. 
Nicola Gaston, senior lecturer in the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (
Lukas Hammerschmidt, in the Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Zita Hüsges, in MPI for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden (
Anatole Kenfack, Dr. habil. 
Doreen Mollenhauer, in Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen (
Axel Schild, at Max-Planck-Institut für Mikrostrukturphysik, Halle (
Krista Steenbergen, in the University of Kansas (
Susan Torabi, assistant professor in the Shiraz University of Medical sciences, Iran (
Elena Voloshina, in Humboldt University of Berlin (
Elisavet Kanaki, in HfBK-Dresden (Email:
Edoardo Fertitta, King's College London
Matthias Berg, Dr. 
Lukas Marsoner Steinkasserer, Dr.
Andreas Achazi, Dr. 
Marcel Quennet, Dr. 
Shulai Lei, Dr. 
Laleh Allahkaram, MSc 
Daniel Koch, MSc 
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