About Me

Radoslaw Martin Cichy
Neural Dynamics of Visual Cognition Group
Department of Education and Psychology
Freie Universität Berlin



I am investigating human visual cognition. At the core of my interest is the question of object recognition: how the brain distills out of the stream of photons hitting the retina a percept of the world consisting of meaningful objects?

I take a broad theoretical approach to address this question. Object recognition shows complex interactions with other core cognitive function of such as attention and language. I thus investigate the neural basis of these interactions. I further wonder how object perception comes about in development, and how plastic its underlying machinery is in individuals with blindness.

To gain a new perspective on the brain I strive for methodological and analytical innovation. In particular, I use a combination of methods (fMRI, M/EEG, deep neural networks, behavioral assessment), and analyze data in an integrated framework using machine learning techniques and multivariate analysis methods.

In this endeavor I have the pleasure to collaborate with a great set of scientist towards this goal in my lab.


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Kietzmann T,Courtney JS, Sörensen L, Cichy RM, Hauk O, Kriegeskorte N (2019). Recurrence required to capture the dynamic computations of the human ventral visual stream. arXiv: 1903:05946. arXiv

accepted or in press



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2013 and before (selected)

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* shared authorship