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Transfer of Knowhow and Cooperation Services

Research know how and experience, multimedia and database knowledge, and availability of modern research lab and geobiology equipment may allow RL or his group to offer or organise knowledge transfer and other cooperation services at various levels. Contact RL if you are interested in one of the following services or cooperations.

Museology, Collections, Science Transfer, Crossover Projects:

Contact RL for details in case of interest for expertise or cooperation

Analysis of Stable Oxygen, Carbon, Nitrogen Isotopes:

The Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin may help with analyses, in particular for cooperation projects, in a very modern lab and may also help in evaluation of your data. Contact lab manager Dr. Ulrich Struck directly.

Remotely Operating Underwater Vehicle:

ROVs may be used for geobiological, hydrogeological, hydrological, archaeological or other purposes. It allows for remote sampling and digital filming down to 300 m water depth. Contact Dr. Georg Heiss directly.

For service costs, insurance costs (e.g. ROV), availability, time constraints and other details, contact the colleagues mentioned above or RL.

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