Reinhold Leinfelder's Continuing Education and Public Outreach activities


Continuing education and public outreach is of major importance for my understanding of how to perform, and justify, a science profession. "Ivory tower science" is not what attracts me.

My positions always allowed me to combine university research, university teaching, public teaching and other forms of science transfer (e.g. through exhibitions, comic books, interview, tv and radio productions). Also, my subjects of study, geology, palaeontology, coral reefs, sea level change, biodiversity and anthropocene are topics which attract a wider public.

Continuing education activities include projects and lectures at secondary or high schools, further education for school teachers, joint projects with teachers and school students, designing exhibitions for schools and the public society, lectures for interdisciplinary courses, online question and answer-forums and some more.

Public outreach activities include public lectures, public debate formats, production of articles, books (including science comics) and resources, designing exhibitions for the public, articles, interviews and contributions in print press, radio and TV media, and organisation of, or major participation in, large scale public events, such as the 'International Year of the Reef', the 'International Year of the Ocean' or the 'Year of the Geosciences', as well as science-to-policy interfaces.

Continuing education and public outreach activities cannot be easily separated, but rather interfinger with each other, so they are presented here together. If you are interested in further information, please select from the above categories.

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