Currently working on the manuscript for a book off my PhD dissertation. It will describe types of polarization ("good, bad, and ugly") by quantifying topics.

Research interests

  • political polarization
  • democratization and democracy
  • ideas, emotions, affect, morality
  • text as data (topic modeling)
  • computational social science, digital political science
  • Korean politics, Korean studies, Area Studies

    In lieu of publications that are not drafts, in revision, or working papers, here are two book reviews where I wear my Area Studies hat:
    ASIEN- Nr.144, 2017 Review of Park, Albert L.; Yoo, David K. (eds.): Encountering Modernity. Christianity in East Asia and Asian America.
    ASIEN - Nr.133, 2014 Review of Pankaj Mishra: From the Ruins of Empire. The Revolt against the West and the Remaking of Asia.